• A Hand to Hold

    A woman recounts the events of her past that led to the death of her sister. Her longing to meet the mother who walked out on her at a young age is a testament to the power of forgiveness and wanting to be loved. Funny and poignant, heartwarming and heartbreaking all wrapped up in one captivating show, (Cast: 1 Female)
  • A Year of Firsts

    For her entire life, Rebecca did what she thought society wanted her to do. She worked hard and married a man. After realizing her happiness was not tied to what society wanted for her, but what she wanted for herself, Rebecca leaves her husband and falls in love with a woman. Tragically, just as she begins her new life, her new love is ripped away from her. (Cast: 1 Female)
  • Anniversary

    A grieving widow looks back on the events that led to the death of her husband. Through a series of flashbacks we see a life of unhappiness unravel in a single moment with deadly consequences. (Cast 2: Male/Female)
  • Astro 69

    Two college students searching for answers in the stars find companionship in each other. Through their friendship we are reminded how fragile life is and how little time we truly have to enjoy it. Award Winning Play! .. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Basic Training

    Meet Steve and Tom- 2 clowns with zero ability to connect with women. Sadly- neither of them realizes this. As Steve attempts to train Tom to be a lady killer, we realize the only things he knows how to kill are- any chance of meeting a soul mate and the moment. (Cast: 2 males)
  • Because I Love You

    A wife recounts her final days with her deceased husband. As their story unfolds, we learn that grief grips people in different ways and that the key to handling it, is to allow people to process in ways that are healthy for them. . (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Daddy's Boy

    Dale, a professional musician, becomes a single father and raises his son, Jackie, on his own. Despite humorous setbacks, he grows to become a fantastic father. When his son's life is taken in a car accident prior to his high school graduation, he does the one thing he knows how to do. At the graduation ceremony, Dale speaks before his son's classmates and teachers and does the one thing he knows how to do. He sings the song he had written as Jackie's graduation present: Jackie's song, "Daddy's Boy". This relationship is heartfelt, sincere, and fully developed. (Cast 2: Male&Male)
  • Fade to Black

    Robert is a middle-aged widower whose wife committed suicide. Emma is daddy’s little girl. However, her trust in her father comes into question after learning of the true reason for her deafness. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Fast Pitch Life

    A father recounts the complicated relationship he had with his son. As the father attempts to live vicariously through his son, the son pushes back with a tragic outcome. (Cast: 2 Males)
  • Finding Us

    After Jim and Lindsey’s daughter is kidnapped, each attempts grieve in their own way. Sadly, their grief creates a divide of resentment between the two.. This divide must be bridged in order to find who they once were. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Fly Away

    After a brain injury leaves her husband a shadow of his former self, Susan fights to bring out the person he once was, the person she fell in love with. Ultimately, as Susan abandons Michael, we see that sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of our eyes. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Holding Hope

    A mother and father try and calmly pass the time in the waiting room of a hospital. As they struggle to understand the tumor that grows in their child’s brain, they reflect on the fragility of life and how they came to be where they are. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • I Read The News Today

    A chilling monologue confronting the terror that strikes through the daily news. Finally a character who questions society and refuses to accept the easy answers. (Cast 1: Male/Female)
  • Island of Hope

    An elderly woman looks back at her journey to America. Passing through Ellis Island, she encounters the darker side of immigration and lives to share life's lessons. She engages her audience with humor and challenges them to critique history. Award winning play! (Cast 1: Female)
  • Jane's Park

    Nothing short of a dramatic classic. This play isolates love and family into such a meaningful message and does so with such deep character development. The story of Mark and Jane and their choice between treating Jane's cancer or protecting the life of their unborn child has touched all those who have had the pleasure of experiencing it. A masterpiece of duet acting. (Cast: 2 - Male & Female)
  • Johnson Johnson

    Problem: roadkill. Solution: Johnson Johnson, a strung out loner who tries convince the local municipal government that he is the solution to all the city's animal sanitation needs. (Cast: Male)
  • Keeping Promises

    A coma patient looks back at his life and relives the series of events that got him where he is today. The piece is given a unique flair as humor instead of hate is used to deal with harsh reality. Award winning play! (Cast: Male)
  • Making Toast

    A young lady recounts her life with her deceased friend from beginning until end. Their relationship reminds us of the importance of moving beyond the petty and investing in the positive. Award Winning script. (Cast 2 Females)
  • My Story

    Playwright Emily Moore tells the story of a child in search of family. A heart wrenching tale of lost love. Award Winning Play!!! Cast: 1 (either)
  • Perfect

    Join Matt and Brooke as they prepare for their wedding. This hysterical look at the entirety of their relationship (from the time they met until their wedding day) takes us on a journey of teeter totter promises, years of stalking, and one extremely big misunderstanding- Matt’s really not gay after all. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Precious Moments

    Two actresses receive the roles of a lifetime. One the role of a cancer patient; the other her friend. Together they make the most of life's precious moments before the curtain falls. (Cast: 2 - Female & Female)
  • Raising Nostradamus

    Some people are made to be parents. Chris and Kristen are not those people. As they interview a nanny to take care of their child (Nostradamus) their anxiety repeatedly gets in the way. Contains all of the tools for a hysterical adventure- Singing, dancing, conspiracy theory, dirty diapers, and vomit (yes vomit). 12 minutes of fun and laughter. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Remedial Training

    They’re at it again.. In a follow-up to Basic Training, we encounter Steve and Tom once again. While the setting has changed and Tom has met the woman of his dreams, the chaos and hilarity remain the same as Steve attempts to train Tom in how to make a good impression with the family. (Cast: 2 males)
  • Role Model

    A mother and daughter struggle to uphold the image of themselves as they endure domestic abuse. A sharp twist creates a powerful climax; touching yet challenging. (Cast: 2 - Female & Female)
  • Rules of Engagement

    Marriage gurus Steve and Sandy Edwards explain how to navigate the rocky waters of marriage in this hilarious look at one of lives greatest mysteries: Husbands and wives. . (Cast 2: 1 male/ 1female)
  • Silence: My Mother Speaks

    A daughter reflects on the life she has lead and the paths she has taken. Born deaf, she only had one sound that entered her world even if only for a moment: the beating of her mother's heart. She describes how this one sound guided her through her brother's brush with death and the power a mother can have, without even saying a word. Award winning play! (Cast: Female)
  • So Clearly

    Jonathan has a gift. He has visions of the lives of those he comes into contact with during the random routines of daily life. When he meets Debra, a realestate broker, his gift allows him to not only see into her life, but also become a part of it. Jonathan's gift turns from a blessing into a curse when he forsees Debra's death pushing the two apart. A well written combination of a witty relationship and curious intrigue. (Cast 2: Male&Female)
  • Someday You'll Find It

    A simple story of innocence lost as two life-long friends are forced to cope with the harsh realities of fate. This true to life memory play defies convention and truly captures what friendship really is. Award Winning Play! (Cast: 2 - Female & Female)
  • Steve

    How can Christmas transform from a joy into a nightmare? This is the reality that Pam deals with every year as she relives the holiday season that has come to pass: a fight that ends in silence, a long drive north, an icy accident that takes her husband's life. Without saying "goodbye" or "sorry", Pam is thrown into a depression that anyone who has felt loss can identify with. Her only saving grace is the angel which her husband gave her, the angel that reminds her that he is watching over them. (Cast: Female)
  • The Lineup

    Have you ever spent a night in jail with a sock-puppet? Henry has. And throughout this short comedy, he also experiences the darker side of justice as he-s mistakenly selected in a police lineup. A hilarious onslaught of characters makes this fast-paced dialogue a riot. (Cast multiple: Male/Female)
  • The Naked Truth

    Criminals get locked up in prisons to protect society. In this laugh out loud absurd show, not even a prison can save Chris from his wife Vicki after he is arrested for running through the mall naked. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • The Right Time

    How do you tell your husband that a little one is on the way? There's the right way and the wrong way. Hilarity ensues! See why men can't help putting their foot squarely in their mouth. A piece with great chemistry as well as a balance between laughter and life lessons. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • The Story of Us

    Throughout the entire show- Kelsey and Andrew appear to be getting ready for some sort of presentation. And then it hits- the conversations Kelsey is having with Andrew are a figment of her imagination and her way of holding on to the boyfriend who sacrificed his life so that his peers could live. At times laugh out loud funny and in the next moment devastatingly sad, this story takes us on an unforgettable journey.. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • TS

    Jeanie is a determined theatre student who meets Jarod, a thespian of a similar nature; except for his Tourette's Syndrome. This examination of TS gives an accurate picture of the altered lifestyle that those who suffer from it lead. It deals with the larger picture of societal illnesses and the barrage of feelings that come with medication, solitude, and fear. This duet skips the typical romantic ending and strives to stay true to the challenge and adversity of the situation. (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)
  • Unconditional Love

    When a wife spills the beans that her son is gay to her husband, the husband does everything he can to prove that he’s “cool with it”- including inadvertently outing him on Twitter. Nothing cool about that. #laughoutloudhysterical (Cast 2:1 Male/ 1 Female)