• Can I make a copy for my colleagues and allow them to use it?

    Our rights are not transferable to another institution. This is an infringement on our copyright.
  • Can we videotape the performances of the scripts we use?

    Not without a written request for consent from DTP.
  • Can we publish our performances on YouTube or any other social/media sharing platform?

    Performances of our scripts may not be made available online in any form.
  • Can you help us sort through our State or National rules as they relate to your scripts?

    We are not affiliated with any organization and do not know the rules for any state. You should be purchasing material that is acceptable under the guidelines that are outlined for you by your sponsoring organization.
  • What does it cost for performance rights?

    Please contact DTP for information about performance rights.
  • Can we download a digital copy of a script we purchased?

    Scripts are only available for download here.